About us

     Garden City is musical child of Joel Ansett and Daniel DeCristofaro. Throughout 2017, they are releasing live unedited one take videos produced by Zack Wilson.



how the engine keeps running.

     About once a month we get together and create. Dan lives in Boston, Joel lives in Denver, and Zack (the master behind the videos) lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We take turns traveling to each other's cities for a weekend of focused creativity. With less than 48 hours to work, it's a creative frenzy of song writing, arranging, and recording. The experience has been incredibly rewarding.

     Every month we are releasing a video of a one take, live acoustic performance. We've gotten it off the ground and are doing everything we can to keep it going. Flights and production costs ain't cheap, but so far it's been an easy sacrifice for something we love and believe in. Most musicians can sustain content creation through touring profits and song sales, but since our main medium is live videos, our approach is a little different. We have joined a platform called Patreon that allows people to pledge a dollar amount for every video we release. To break it down, it's a subscription to what we are doing. We will be writing songs, and making videos no matter what. It's who we are. But with your support, we will absolutely go further than we could alone.  We hope to make our project sustainable, so if you'd like to learn about joining the team, click the link below!